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Vanuatu Fact Sheet

Country : Republic of Vanuatu
Member of United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations : Vanuatu joined United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations as member in 1981
Legal System : Common Law
Language : English, French and Bislama
Capital : Port Vila, which locates at Efate Island of Shefa Province
Currency : Vatu (VUV)
(No exchange control)
Time Zone : 11 hours ahead of GMT
3 hours ahead of Hong Kong time
Religion in majority : Christianity
Consulate General of The Republic of Vanuatu in Hong Kong : Address: Unit 2303, 23/F., Tung Wai Commercial Building,
109-111, Gloucester Road, Wanchai, H. K
Tel.: 3759 9001
E-mail: vanuatuconsulatehk@yahoo.com
Vanuatu Trade Commission in Hong Kong : Tel : (852)2511 1898
Website : www.vanuatu-hktc.org
National Flag The rectangular Vanuatu’s national flag is composed of red,green, black and yellow colour.
The yellow Y-shape with black border divides the flag into three areas.
The black area near the flag pole is an isosceles triangle with the symbol of a boar's tusk inside.
The boar’s tusk encircles the symbol of namele leaves. The upper and lower areas of the flag are red and green right trapezoid. The boar’s tusk and namele leaves represent prosperity and peace respectively. Yellow colour represents God’s light shining through Vanuatu.
What do the colours mean in Vanuatu?
Black: Melanesia and Melanesian tribe
Red: PatriotismGreen: Agriculture which is a pillar industry in Vanuatu
Yellow: Christ
National Emblem The boar's tusk and namele leaves is the background of Vanuatu’s national emblem.
The Rev. Walter Hayde Lini has strived for the country’s independence and become the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu.
He said in the Independence Day, “Long God Yumi Stanap (In God We Stand),” which later has become Vanuatu’s motto. 30 July 1980 is the Vanuatu’s Independence Day.
Location  Vanuatu is located at the south-west of Pacific Ocean, 1,750 kilometres east of Brisbane, Australia and 800 kilometres west of Fiji.
Regular flight to the country is available in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Nouméa.
Economic Development Apart from maintaining traditional agriculture and fisheries, Vanuatu strives to develop the country as the offshore financial service hub in South Pacific region through measures such as investment immigration scheme and encouraging setting up international offshore companies.
Since Asia is the target market of these measures, the Vanuatu Government set up its Vanuatu Trade Commission in Hong Kong and appointed PRG Group as the sole agent in the Greater China region to promote and develop international offshore companies business. In the following years, the Vanuatu Government also appointed PRG Group as the sole exclusive agent to promote and develop the immigration schemes for the country, namely Permanent Residence Visa Program and the Honorary Citizenship Program for the Greater China market. These immigration schemes become popular in the Asia-Pacific Region.