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Vanuatu Permanent Residence Visa Program – Legal Base

The Immigration Regulation Order No. 180 of 2011 was enacted on 7 September 2011 pursuant to the Immigration Act No. 17 of 2010. The order was published on the official gazette on 13 September 2011.

According to the Immigration Regulation Order No. 180 of 2011 Section 12 Subsection 6, applicants shall be awarded the right of abode provided that:

(i) the applicant’s company must be registered with the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission; and
(ii) the applicant must provide a Certificate of Registration of the said company issued by the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission; and
(iii) the applicant must provide a proof of income and assets validated by the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission and approved by the Principal Immigration Officer; and
(iv) the applicant must pay the required fee specified under column D of Table 2 of the Schedule; and
(v) the applicant must provide a certified letter of undertakings from the relevant Vanuatu Trade Commission Office.

The Immigration Visa Regulation (Amendment) Order No. 92 of 2019 was enacted on 6 August 2019. According to the Immigration Visa Regulation (Amendment) Order No. 92 of 2019, item (i) and (ii) as above have been repealed. 

Vanuatu Permanent Residence Application Guidance Notes

To attract quality investors, Vanuatu authorized PRG Consulting Limited in October 2011 as the sole agent of the Permanent Residence Visa Program in the Greater China region (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Through the program, the applicant and his/her direct family shall attain the right permanent residence in Vanuatu*. All applications and approval are handled by the Immigration Department’s duty officer stationing in Vanuatu Trade Commission in Hong Kong. The duty officer is also responsible for answering enquires and certification from overseas governmental departments.

*Successful candidates shall observe Vanuatu’s law and related laws on foreign investors implemented by Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority when they exercise their right of abode in Vanuatu.
**Successful candidates shall be clear that Vanuatu’s Permanent Residence is not equivalent to its Citizenship. They are required to live in Vanuatu for 10 years before being eligible to apply for the Citizenship and Vanuatu’s passport.

Required Documents

– Passport (valid for at least 12 months)
– Certificate of No Criminal Records issued by applicants’ places of domicile
– Income or asset proof (shall be assessed by the authorized person of Vanuatu Financial Services Commission in Hong Kong)
– Undertaking letter to the Vanuatu Government (shall be certified by Vanuatu Trade Commission in Hong Kong)
– 2 colour photos with size 40mm x 50mm (white background)

PRG Consulting Limited is the exclusive agent authorized by the Vanuatu Government in handling the Permanent Residence Visa program in the Greater China Region. Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and Vanuatu Trade Commission in Hong Kong would not authenticate the permanent residency status of individuals who submitted the applications through the other channels.

Vanuatu Permanent Residence – Application Procedures

Permanent Residence Visa Program: PRG Application Procedures