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The Program Details

Kava is a well-known crop of the South Pacific Islands. The Kava from Vanuatu is praised as “green gold”. The juice extracted from its roots can make local traditional drink which helps to relieve stress, soothe nerves and relaxation effect. Recently, kava products become prevalent in  international market, especially Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand, thus causes a huge demand of export. The kava subsidy support plan launched by the Vanuatu government is aimed at protecting the livelihood of local farmers, increase local employment rate, reduce labor loss, assist farmers to increase productivity, ensure the stabilities supply and ensure the sustainable development of Kava industry.

In order to promote the economic development of Vanuatu and attracts high-quality immigrants, the Vanuatu Government enacted the Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) under  subsection 13C of the Citizenship Act [CAP112]; and thereafter the amendment of CIIP Regulation Order No. 23 of 2024 is issued in February 2024. According to the Schedule C of the Amendment of CIIP Regulation Order No. 23 of 2024, applicant who invests USD100,000* in supporting the agriculture development of Kava is entitled to submit citizenship application to the Citizenship Committee and citizenship would be granted after getting approval from Citizenship Committee and paying the relevant fees to the government.

* Financial plan can be offered by the project developer.

Authorization from Vanuatu Government

The Vanuatu Citizenship Commission appointed PRG ImmiMart Limited as the designated agent for Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) to be responsible for handling the preliminary work on the submission CIIP case.

Competitive Edges

  • The processing time is relatively short, about 1-2 months to complete
  • Low cost, transparent procedures, solid legislative support, no residing requirement, no language or academic requirement
  • Full citizenship, citizenship can be inherited in generations
  • Applicant can apply with family members including spouse, children not over 25 or parents of principal and spouse
  • Simple taxation system, no income tax; no withholding tax, no capital gain tax and no inheritance tax etc.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed, a good option for second identity
  • Good tool in financial planning and asset management

CIIP Procedure

Documents Required

  • Certified passport and identity card copies
  • Personal profile
  • Birth Certificate
  • Notarized Police Clearance Certificate (16 years or above) from place of origin
  • Notarized Marriage Certificate if Applying with spouse
  • Proof of source of fund
  • Proof of employment
  • Passport Photo